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Affidavit made by James Howard on 17 June 1834

The following extract is taken from Surrey History Center Document Ref: 188/30

James Howard of Thames Ditton in the County of Surrey Labourer maketh Oath and said that he is upward of Seventy Seven years of age and has lived and worked the greater part of his life at Thames Ditton aforesaid and that he lived for seven years as servant at Wiltshire Wharf before the purchase of same by Mrs Digby and this Deponent further saith that he has had read to him the paper marked A in which the old High Road and Footpath across the estate called Boyle Farm are particularly set forth and the Deponent saith that he fully remembers the same and the alternations made at Boyle Farm whereby such Old Road turned (north and) the Footpath stopped up (Transcribes Note: sentence not clear). And the Deponent further said that he hath lately been upon the premises called Boyle Farm and hath considered in what direction such Old Road and Footpath used formally to cross the grounds and that he this Deponent there pointed out the same as made as his recollection would serve him and the altered state of the property admitted and the said Road and Footpath were then marked by his direction in the way the same are marked in the said map in red ink and the Deponent believes the same to be the correct and this Deponent further saith that the external boundaries towards the present High Road is the same now as it had been for upwards of 50 years last past.

The mark of


James Howard

Sworn before me one of his Majesties Justice of the Peace for the Town and liberty of Kingston upon Thames in the County of Surrey, this seventeenth day of June One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty Four the above affidavit having been distinctly written, read over to him before he made his mark

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