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Howard cousins in Australia

To date, in my search for the descendants of the Howards of Thames Ditton, I have discovered two large families living in Australia which is all that more significant for me as I married an Australian in 1976, Clare Erica Wilson Irving. Clare's father, George Arthur Highland Irving was born in Sydney in 1923 to parents George Wilson (known as Irving) and Clare Annie Silsby. Clare's Mother, Joan Edith Challinor was born in Melbourne in 1930 to parents, Eric Challinor and Edith Gertrude Cobb.

MacDonald Family

The first Australian family descended from the Thames Ditton Howards was discovered in the summer of 1996. Grace Edith Winifred Eagle [P218], daughter of William Eagle and Jane Howard was to marry an Australian Soldier during the first world war in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Thomas MacDonald [P235] was billeted in the Walton-on-Thames district during the first world war and married Grace Eagle in 1917. They were to have a total of four children, Flora MacDonald [P236]; Josphine (Jossie) MacDonald [P237]; Walter William MacDonald [P238] and Barbara MacDonald [P239]. All married and all had issue. Judy Sheargold is the daughter of Barbara MacDonald and is my contact with this family.

Marlow Family

The Marlow Family were the next Australian family to be discovered, predominately from Western Australia they are descendants of Ellen Howard [P401] and Samuel Herbert Marlow [P402]. Ellen Howard was one of eight children born to George Howard [P136] and Eliza Manderville [P137]. Ellen and Samuel Marlow also had a large family, seven children in total. Doris Ellen Marlow [ P403] b. 2 February 1896; Gladys Irene Marlow [P404], b. 4 February 1902; Nellie Marlow [P438], b. 1903; Beatrice Evelyn Marlow [P405], b. 1905; Christina Laura Marlow [P406], b. 2 April 1907; Stanley Herbert Marlow [P407], b. 12 February 1909 and Olive Fancies Marlow [P408] b. 8 October 1911. Susette Bakker is the daughter of Stanley Herbert Marlow and is my contact with this family.

Snook Family

The Snook Family are the latest Australian cousins to be discovered, predominately from Yagoona, New South Wales. Edward Alfred Snook b. Saturday 15 March 1879, 1 Warnham Cottages, Archway Street, Barnes married Elizabeth Beatrice Howard b. Friday 25 February 1887, Woodham Lane, Chertsey, Surrey.  Edward and Elizabeth had at least four children:

In the summer of 2001, with the help of an Australian contact, I was able to make contact with the descendants of Edward Ernest Snook and his sister Florence Beatrice Snook although nothing is known of Eva Snook or her descendants.

Summer 1997 Reunions

In July 1997, I was very pleased to meet up with Susette Bakker and her husband Pieter during their trip to England. I organised a small welcoming party of Howards including Rose Bateman who, like Susette, is descended from George Howard [P136] and the three Howard brothers, Anthony, Peter and David Howard who are descended from James Howard [P38] from West Byfleet, Surrey.

In September 1997 I was delighted to meet up with Barbara Foster (nee MacDonald) [P239] who with her friend Eileen were visiting the UK and met up with the Howards and Eagles. My thanks to Ken and Rita Eagle from Frimley, Surrey for organising the reunion.

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