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Updated: 28 December 2001

This is the current edition of WebNews the Newsletter of the extended Howard family featured in this web site. This is where news and family history developments during 2001 will be posted so that interested members of this extended Howard family can keep up to date with new finds, leads, family history events, births, marriages and the like. Most recent events are posted first.

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13th November 2001

Event: Birth

On the 13th November 2001 to proud parents Danny and Mandy, a son Nathan Daniel High Congratulations and best wishes to my Nephew and his partner.

27th September 2001

Event: e-mail from Bill Pickup and Rose Bateman

Long e-mail from Bill Pickup providing new details about James William Albert Searle (P616), the son of James Edward Searle (P329) & Eliza Ellen Howard (P388). and his family.  Because many of the persons mentioned are still living, many of the exact dates have been edited to protect the privacy of the people involved.

James William Albert Searle was born in 1928.  His 1st marriage (F193) was in 1947 at the Parish Church of St. James, Riddlesdown, Purley, Surrey was to Annie Stewart (P120) who was born c. 1928/29 at (?) Dumfries in Scotland. (Exact date & place to be researched further). They were subsequently divorced (date unknown). They had 3 children:- (1) Dianna Patricia, born 18/7/1947 at 118 Lower Road, Kenley, Surrey, and died 12/12/1947, at the same address; (2) Derek James (P670), born 1949 at  St Helens Hospital, Hastings, Sussex; & (3) Brian (P671), born 1951 at 118 Lower Road, Kenley, Surrey.

Derek James married for the first time (F???) in 1970 at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Essendene Road, Upper Caterham, Surrey to Madeleine Fedelmia CRETON, born 1953 at 35 Macauley Road, Caterham, Surrey. They had a son, Barrie Michael, born 1970 at Redhill General Hospital, Redhill, Surrey. Derek James and Madeleine Fedelmia were subsequently divorced (date unknown). Derek James later remarried in 1974 at the Register Office, Surrey South Eastern Registration District to Nicola Anne EDWARDS, born 1955 at 88 Ninehams Road, Caterham, Surrey. They had 2 children:- (1) Robert James (P???), born 1978 at the Halifax General Hospital, Halifax, Yorkshire and (2) James Henry (P???), born 1983, also at the Halifax General Hospital.

Brian (P671) married (F???) Carol Janet BUCHANAN (P???) in 1976 at the Church of St. Luke, N....e(?), a (?) Conventional District in the Parish of St. Katherine, Merstham, Surrey. Carol Janet was born 1955 at 126 Smithdown Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool. As far as I know, there are no children of that marriage.

James William Albert married again (F199) on 12/7/1958 at the Congregational Church, ............., Purley, Surrey to Esther CORCORAN (P123), born 24/9/1920 in the Irish Republic (exact place & date to be researched). Esther died 13/8/1989 at Mayday Hospital, Croydon.

J.W.A. married again (F202) on 29/4/1991 at the Register Office, Croydon to Phyllis May SMITH (formerly DRAKE) (P124), born 9/4/1931 at Upper Parkstone, Dorset. Phyllis May died 15/2/1997 at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Hants.

J.W.A. married yet again (F50) to Florence Winifred Howard (P546) - details already known to you.

J.W.A.'s father, James Edward SEARLE, may have been born (I believe) on 24/5/1905 at South View, Copthorne, Worth, Sussex, but I am not absolutely sure as his fathers name is given as Alfred Frederick Searle , occupation - General Labourer, on his birth certificate whereas on his marriage certificate (F159) to Eliza Ellen Howard (19/11/1927 at St Saviour's Church, Croydon) his fathers name is given as Alfred William Searle, occupation - Wholesale Wood Broker. James Edward's mothers name on the birth certificate I have is given as Sarah Searle formerly Prevett. The date and area are about right but there is the discrepancy over the father's name, so I am not totally convinced. I must discretely ask J.W.A. what his grandmother's name was on the Searle side. Perhaps that will confirm the correct birth of his father. (He is not very forthcoming about family history matters). J.W.A.'s father died on 8/11/1960 at 3 Mosslea Road, Whyteleafe, Surrey. His occupation being given as Landscape Gardner.

Best wishes from Bill and Rose.

18th June 2001

Event: Marriage

Marriage: Sarah High to Thomas Binstead - 17th June 2001, at St. Mary's Parish Church, Haddenham, Oxfordshire. Congratulations and best wishes to my Niece and her husband for a long and happy life together. 

1st April 2001

Event: e-mail from Paul Cope

Content: Miffling Family connections

Paul writes......

I came across your web-site a couple of days ago while researching the Miffling family history . Your 2000 Newsletter contains references to Mifflings who appear to be related to my wife through her Grandfather Arthur Frank Miffling and Great Grandfather Arthur Miffling. The Charles Robert Prictor (Proctor?) Miffling who married Ada Ellen Eagle in 1896 is, I believe, the eldest brother of my wife's Great Grandfather (Arthur).  Arthur's parents were Annie (nee Hare) and Charles Robert Proctor Miffling.  You already have obtained the birth certificate of Charles Robert Prictor Miffling born on 29 Aug 1864 - could you please tell me whether his  parents names are the same as Arthur's?

According to the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses Charles Robert Proctor Miffling (the elder) was born in Bath c 1839/1840 and was a Carpenter by trade.  I have not yet had the opportunity to look for his birth or marriage certificate. The 1881 census shows that Charles and Annie had 5 children living with them - Charles (the eldest child), Alfred, Arthur, Frank and Amy (the youngest child).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul and Julie Cope

Having checked my records, I was able to confirm the Miffling family connection with Paul Cope and will be following up the lead in due course.

22nd March 2001

Event: Letter from Rose Bateman

Content: Updates on family events from Rose Bateman's family branch

  1. Rose Bateman had received letters from Terry Anderson and Suzette Bakker both in Australia.  Terry had promised to forward a photo of "Doughy" Howard who is presumed to be Rose's GG Grandfather George Howard (Baker/Confectioner) however to date Terry has been unable to trace it.

  2. Marriage of Dawn Howard to Darren Copperwaite on 25th November 2000, in Plymouth, Devon.

  3. Birth of Jamie Regan - 2nd November 2000 to Carol and Colin Regan.

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