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Howard Newsletter - 1999

Updated 25th August 1999

This is the 1999 edition of WebNews the Newsletter of the extended Howard family featured in this web site. This is where news and family history developments during the year were posted so that interested members of this extended Howard family can keep up to date with new finds, leads, family history events, births, marriages and the like. Most recent events are posted first.

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23rd August 1999

Event: Visit with Martin Howard, who now lives at Normandy, near Guildford.

Information: Martin was able to fill in most of the missing information connected with the Alfred Howard and Lillian Willis line.

Other Information supplied included the fact that Alfred and Lillian moved to Somerset in the mid-50's and ran the Cow Inn in Ilchester. When Alf died Lillian kept it on for a while. Clarence and Daphne Sparrow took it over and ran it until Clarence died. Thereafter it became a private residence.

22nd August 1999

Event: Telephone call to Martin Howard.

Discovery: Spoke with Martin Howard who confimred that he was the son of Dorreen and Kenneth Howard and also advised that there had been a third son, Robin, born 1961. Arrangements made to visit with Martin Howard on 23rd August 1999.

12th August 1999

Event: Telephone call to Whitby's, Chichester.

Results: Spoke with Whitby's who remembered Martin Howard and were able to provide an address and telephone number in Normandy, Surrey, not 10 miles from my own address where Martin had been living as late as September 1998. I called the number and an answer machine confirmed that a Martin did still live at that address. Message left to call me. It seems I have found Martin Howard!

9th August 1999

Event: Visit to Local Studies Library at Chichester to inspect Electoral Rolls for occupants of "Cherrytrees", Main Road, Chidham, Chichester, West Sussex.

Results: Inspected Electoral Rolls from 1985 to present day and the occupants of the address given by Martin Howard were a Mr. and Mrs. Heath. As they appeared to be still living at that address I visited the address later that day and met with Mr. Heath. He had no recollection of a Martin Howard but suggested that they had in the past let out a self contained flat and that his wife might remember if a Martin Howard had been a tennant. Later that day Mrs Heath telephoned to confirm, that a Martin Howard had indeed stayed with them at that time and recalled that he had worked for a well known photographers in Chichester called Whitby's.

10th July 1999

Event: Received 5 certificates from the General Records Office

1st June 1999

Event: Visit to Family Records Centre - London

Discovery: Visited the Family Records Centre in London in search of various "missing" birth, marriage and death certificates. Ordered 5 certificates as follows:-

1st March 1999

Event: Letter from County Archivist, Surrey County Council

Content: The long awaited letter arrived with details of the Latin translation of the discovery made earlier in the month (see entry dated 8th February 1999) The letter was accompanied by a four-page translation of the relevant section of document G165/59/6 - Manorial Roll for Long Ditton , 1722 (Lovelace Papers). The four-page translation revealed that James Howard's wife was indeed a Barbara and in addition provided her maiden name - Loach. They were seeking legal tenancy to a piece of land in Long Ditton previously granted to one William Ginger. A great find which confirmed a link to a couple I had discovered some 3 years earlier. To review the text of this translation please read Long Ditton Manorial Roll Extract.

8th February 1999

Event: Visit to Surrey History Centre, Woking, with Rose Bateman

Discovery: I invited my distant cousin who shares my interest in our family history, Rose Bateman, to the Surrey History Centre at Woking, Surrey. She has never been and was interested in looking at some of the older source material I had found from the Manors of Long Ditton and Thames Ditton. In reading through this material Rose came across the names James Howard and Barbara embedded in a piece of Latin text dating from 1722. The document was the Manorial Roll for Long Ditton 1722 (Lovelace Estate papers). I requested the County Archivist to translate the relevant section and paid the fee - now we must wait to discover what the document reveals, if anything!

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