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Updated: 15th October 1999

These are the queries I have received (latest first) on the EAGLE family surname - if you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

From: Arthur and Lynne Eagle
Date: 13 Oct 1999
Searching for: Information on Eagles from Dartford, Kent c. 1750

We are a nest of New Zealand Eagle (?) relatives (?).  Our connection goes back to an Edward Samuel Eagle, born about 1786, died about 1880, married to Mary Smith, born about 1791, died about 1890.  Their son Robert Eagle, born 1812 in Dartford, Kent, came out to New Zealand in the 1850s with his (large) family.  From checking the LDSaints website, he seems to have had a brother Edward Eagle, born 1814, also in Dartford.  We presume that Edward stayed in England.

The New Zealand connections are being thoroughly researched by our cousin Ross - with some help from us.  We are trying to work back to the English connections.  Do we meet up with either of you?

From: Malcolm Eagle
Date: 23 July 1999
Searching for: Information on ancesters of George William Eagle from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England

I'm the second son of George William Eagle ( Annett Road,Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England) & Lillian Beatrice Thompson (Thames Ditton) of whom I would like information. My two remaining sisters still live in UK, my brother now resides in France. I would appreciate a reply.....

Follow-up 1

From: Graham Howard
Date: 25 July 1999

I have had look at my Eagle family tree and given that I have most of it filled in the only bit I know nothing about are the descendants of James William Eagle b. 1 Oct 1872 Walton-on-Thames. If you think your George William Eagle may be the descendant of James William please let me know as I have descendants of this Eagle family living in Australia of whom I am in touch with.

Follow-up 2

From: Malcolm Eagle
Date: 15 October 1999

I wrote to you in July re: my fathers family. My father George William Eagle was a painter & decorator/carbinet maker/gas fitter, his father was George William. My father had a brother still living in Weir Road, w.o.t when I migrated to Australia in 1964, I went to school locally with my cousin Patrick (my uncles son). my eldest sister June lives in Staminton & my younger sister Marjorie is still living in w.o.t. while my brother Dennis lives these days in France but we all have children/grandchildren. I have just been contacted by a Eagle residing in n.z. through your web page.

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