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This page lists those queries received during the period from 1 Jan to 25 Nov 2000

If you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

From: John C. Howard
Date: 24 Nov 2000
Searching for:
Ancestors/Decendants of John James Howard possibly from Croydon, Surrey, emigrated to Canada early 1880's

I am looking for connection to my grandfather's family whose location is not definitely known, but might have been the Croyden locale. My grandfather, John James was born Feb 28, 1863 in England, parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Howard. He had at least one sibling, brother Thomas who was killed in the Boer War. Also, he may have had two sisters though he told almost nothing of his early origins to any of his four children. He came to Canada in the early 1880's, settled in Montreal where he married Alice Margaret Hankins in 1890 in Montreal where they settled. He established a successful stevedoring business on the Montreal docks and raised 5 children. One son, Edward Horn Percy was killed, October 1916 at the Somme. He was predeceased by his wife in March 1913 and died himself in Montreal in August 1941. His only references to his birthplace were that he knew the sounds of the Bow Bells and a suggestion that the family may have been involved in the lumber trade  in Croydon. I am anxious to trace the family back from his parents. We know that the Hankins family lived in the Oxford area back as far as the early 1700's. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

From: Matthew Robb
Date: 19 Nov 2000
Searching for:
Information on Captain Cierero A. Howard

I would sincerely appreciate any information on Captain Cicero A. Howard, Confederate States of America, killed in battle in Missouri in about 1863. His father was Thomas Howard, and the family lived in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri area. His daughter was Iva Elizabeth ("Bom") (Howard) Robb. Especially interested in the ancestors of Captain Cicero A. Howard. Thank you.

From: Kathy Davies
Date: 6 Aug 2000
Searching for:
Howards from Kentucky


From: Jerry Ives
Date: 21 Jun 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Martin Edward Howard. b. 1953 Aldinbourne, Sussex

Searching for MARTIN EDWARD HOWARD, born 1953 to WILLIAM EDWARD HOWARD (mother's name unknown) in the Aldingbourne area of Sussex.  Grand parents, Florence May Isted (Nockles) & William Arthur Howard, who resided at "Larks Mead", Nyton Road, Aldingbourne, Sussex.  Any information on the William Arthur Howard family would also be appreciated.

Date: 5 Jun 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Joseph T. Howard 

I am looking for any information on Joseph T, Howard who married Laura Mison/Myson about 1880-1887 in England in or near London. They had 3 children and moved to the US or Canada  around 1902.

From:   Don
Date: 14 May 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on John Howard b. 1872, Manchester, England.

I am searching for a John Howard born in 1872 in Manchester, England.  John died in 1942 but as of yet I am not sure where But I think Canada.  If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for the names: - Hesketh Cooke born in 1880 in Cheshire, England.  - William Sanderson born 1848 in Scotland   If you have any contact for any of the names this would greatly help as I am doing as much research on these names prior to my planned visit to England and Scotland in 2001.   Thank you 

From:   Floyd Blanchard
Date: 14 April 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Hezekiah Howard b. 1779

Hi, My name is Floyd Blanchard. My ggggrandfayher was Hezekiah Howard. According to Ms. census, he was born about 1799. He married a Nancy B. from Ga.. He lived in Hancock Co., Ms. I believe,  he died about 1848 of Yellow Fever. There is an older Hezekiah from Ga., but I can't make a connection. Can anyone help me? Floyd

Date: 22 Mar 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Mary Howard - Iowa, c. 1880s.

My ancestor was named Mary Howard and was on the orphan train to the State of Iowa in the 1880's from New York City.  We believe her father was a policeman in New York. She was adopted by a family in Westfalia, Iowa.  We are not sure why she was in an orphanage in New York City.  She remembered her family as a small child.  She married Tony Thraen and had seven or eight children in Iowa.

From: Vaughn Howard
Date: 12 Mar 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Morgan Howard b. c. 1870.

I'm looking for anyone who can help me with my great grandfather Morgan Howard. I know he was born in 1870. He worked for the railroad. He Married Annie Laurie Foster. They had 6 Children:

  1. Georgia Marie

  2. Freeda

  3. Lula

  4. Carl

  5. Ceicil

  6. Maxine

They lived in Preston Co. & Monongalia  WV. He Died in 1940 in Monongalia Co WV. He was born in St Louis I think not sure of that. Any help with my line of Howards would be appreciated.

I'm also looking for any one that can tell me who the parents of John Howard were. The only thing I know about John is that he married Elizabeth Pratt? in Harrison Co WV. They had a son Richard, born10/14/1822. Richard was married 3 times. 2nd wife my line is Mary Ann Minear .Their son was Morgan M. Howard who married Annie Louise Foster. (see above). Their daughter Georgia was my grandmother. These people lived in Preston Co. V/WV Harrison Co & Ritchie Co. WV. Any help with my family would be appreciated. I was told that Reg. they came from Maryland not sure of that.c

From: Keith Howard
Date: 12 Mar 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Montague Howard.

Please help me locate any information about my grandfather Montague Howard who lived in the Corsham Wiltshire United Kingdom  Born 1901 died 1969/70. He was married to Joyce Howard and lived in Hungerford Ave.

From: Maggie Watson
Date: 5 Mar 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on Catherine Howard (nee Carey) - married Charles Howard.

I am looking for any information on Catherine Howard, who was married to Charles Howard in Elizabethian England, her maiden name would have been
Catherine Carey daughter of Harry Carey, Baron Hundson.  Anything that you have will be very helpful. I am researching this person as I play her in a renassiance faire. Thank you. 

From: Louise Lemmon
Date: 28 Feb 2000
Searching for:
Searching for information on James and Ann Howard - James born Baltimore County, Maryland c. 1830.

I am looking for information on James Howard and his wife Ann. James Howard was born in Baltimore County, Maryland in 1830.  His wife was born in Sept. 1837.  They had three maybe four children.  They're names are Julia (1861), Jennie (1864), James Granville (1870).  I have also found Columbus Howard (1855), which nobody has heard of.  I am a descendent of James Granville.  Thank you for any help you can give me.

From: Jackie Forester.
Date: 8 Feb 2000
Searching for: Searching for information on descendants of Henry & Catherine Howard.

I am just a beginner but cannot seem to get very far  my grandmother was Melina Francis Howard born 1886 Her father was John & her mother was Julia Anne, but I cannot find a marriage certificate, but I do know John was born in 1848 . Johns parents were Henry & Catherine Howard.. If you could help in any way I would be grateful

From: Robert G. Clifton 
Date: 1 Feb 2000
Searching for: Searching for information on Dr. Emory Eleazor Howard

I am searching for Dr. Emory Eleazor Howard, married my great aunt Gertrude Clifton in 1885, believe lived in Western Massachusetts, later moved to Rosenhayn, New Jersey where house, office and drug store burned down in 1895. Marriage dissolved by divorce or death of Dr. Howard by 1898 when Gertrude moved as a single to Philadelphia.

From: Caroline
Date: 27 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Ethel Howard born Surrey late 19th Century, Thanmes Ditton Area.

My great grandmother's name was Ethel Howard. She would have been born in the late 1800's. She was born in Surrey around the Thames Ditton area. She had a brother called Harold who was the owner of Howards Daries in the 1940's. Her married name was Lord and she had children named Jack, Lesley,Doris and Phyliss. I would like to find out more about her & if there is a connection with the Thames Ditton Howards in your web site.

From: Beverly Coatney
Date: 17 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Dorothy Evelyn Hockett Howard married Neil Howard c. 1925

Hello my name is Beverly Howard Coatney. I am doing a geneology for my children. I am looking for any information on the Howard side of my family. I have some information from a book that was sent to me by my brother called "The Heritage and Legacy of Francis Frazier II--A Blacksmith." My grandmother was Dorothy Evelyn Hockett Howard who was married to my grandfather Neil Howard and was married in 1925 and divorced in 1931. My father's name was Clare Allen Howard of Ohio. After reading the book it seems that this part of the family were Quakers. I married a Coatney and his genealogy shows a lot of Howards that married Coatneys from Kentucky. I am so confused. Could you give me an idea of where and how to start? Thank You from the bottom of my heart...Bev

From: David M. Miles
Date: 13 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Grandmother Louisa Howard

Many thanks for answering my query. I carry on searching and improving my navigational abilities slowly. If I may be of any help from Pilar, near Buenos Aires City, Argentina Ill be delighted to help if its possible. Sincerely David Michael Miles "whos grandmother was a Howard"

David S. Miles Married 7-10-1838 at Harborne, Staffordshire to Miss ? Starkey they had issue:

  • Lydia Miles born 28-7-1839

  • Amelia Miles born 25-5-1841

  • George Miles born 1-2-1843

  • Alfred Miles born 9-11-1845

  • Charles Albert Miles born 24-7-1847 died March 1849

  • Charles Albert Miles born 27-4-1850

  • Harriet Miles born 21-12-1852

  • Sarah Miles born 24-11-1854

  • Thomas Timothy Miles born 24-11-1856

  • Henry Edward Miles born 25-3-1862 in Birmingham, England.

Miles, Henry Edward (died 1929) married Francisca Rosa Passo (died 1932) c. 1887 /88

Maternal Grandparents

John McMillan married Luisa Howard

  • John MacMillan

  • Kathleen McMillan

  • Cecilia McMillan

  • Duncan McMillan

  • Nora McMillan

  • Florence McMillan

John Baptist Miles b. 24-jun-1895 died 18-dec-1981 married April 28th., 1924 to Florence McMillan Howard b. died 8-may-1992 and had issue

  • Elena Rosa Miles  born 2-may-1925  died 1-10-1950

  • Yvonne Beatriz Miles born 12-7-1926

  • David Michael Miles born 29-7-1935

From: Walter Udell, Aldergrove, B.C. Canada
10 Jan 2000
Searching for: Howard Family Information - General Enquiry

 There is a link between the Howard family and the Uvedale families. Elizabeth Uvedale, daughter of Sir William Uvedale and Lady Victoria, married Edward Lord Howard, Viscount Morbeth and Count of Carlisle, before 1668. This is recorded, amongst other places, in a book on the Uvedale family written in 1865 by Granville Levison Gower, MP. Could you advise me of the best genealogy/family history contact, insofar as the Howard family is concerned?

From: Lorae Howard, Gaytmenn, Surrey, BC, Canada
8 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Arthur Howard were born 19 Feb 1889 in Johnson Co., TX, USA

 I discovered your web site thru a friend who suggested I try familysearch.  I am trying to find my grandfather's twin brother. Here's what I know :

Oscar Newton Howard and Arthur Howard were born 19 Feb 1889 in Johnson Co., TX, USA to Joseph Ab Howard and Emily Rebecca Jones.

Arthur married Rose (?), date unknown, probably in TX.  Supposedly had a female child, details unknown; and a son, possibly Harlan Howard.  The family may have moved to California, details unknown.

Any ideas, info or suggestions would be most appreciated.  I think your web site is outstanding. An aside:  My dad (who was given to making up very fanciful stories) used to tell me that our name meant "Royal Hog Caller".  I thought he was full of baloney, but guess not.

From: Beachhouse
Date: 7 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Ella HOWARD m. William Long Orris

Looking for Ella Howard,of the boston HOWARD'S, relations. she married William Long Orris who was born mar.27,1861,died 1954. I think he was from Meadville Pennsylvania. Ella Howard is said to be a decendant of someone who came over on the Mayflower. And somehow either Ella Howard or William L.Orris are direct decendants to Thomas Jefferson.

From: Jenny Hudson
Date: 6 Jan 2000
Searching for: Information on Howard's in Essex and Sussex

My name is Jenny Hudson, my great grandfather was Harry Howard, born 1862 in Romford to George Howard and Mary Ann Shillings (his second marriage).  I know this second marriage took place in St George's, Hannover Square, London in 1862, and that both George and Mary Ann Shillings were resident in Mount Street in 1862.  The census for 1861 Mount Street is largely destroyed.  I know George was born in 1826 or 1827 but do not know where, or who or when he married for the first time.  I have therefore been unable to make much more progess that this.  George Howard died in 1865 in Noak Hill, Essex ( he was a licensed victueller), leaving a son, Harry and a baby George who died shortly after him.  Harry (my great grandfather) was then a lodger at the local school before marrying Sarah Walton in 1886 in Polesworth.  They had three children, George, Reginald and Mary.   I found your website via the family search pages (I can't say I have found them very useful, they do not have any traces that would help me.   Hoping that something in the above may fit in with your already extensive research.  Looking forward to hearing from you, Regards, Jenny

Date: 5 Jan 2000
Re: Information on Thomas Howard and Frances Rodella (Fannie) Howard from Redbank, Lexington County, South Carolina

I am looking for information on Thomas Howard and Frances Rodella (Fannie) Howard from Redbank, Lexington County, South Carolina.  There is American Indian Ancestry in the Howard family.  Thomas Howard's occupation was in distilling turpentine from the cone-bearing trees in the Carolines.  They had five children:  Cleo Howard Ruff, Ethil Howard Tarlton, Woodrow (Pat) Howard, E. T. (Bill) Howard, and Jack Howard all of Lexington County, S.C.    I would like to have any information on the Howard family from South Carolina.   Thank you,

From: Penny Lumber
Date: 4 Jan 2000
Searching for:
Information on Alice Howard born about 1866 in E.Anglia ? Father Abraham.

Looking for Alice Howard born about 1866 in E.Anglia ? Father Abraham. Married Walter Belsham,9 Mar 1889 at St. John's Church, Paddington.

From: Karen Howard
Date: 4 Jan 2000
Searching for:
Parents of Hiram HOWARD, born 1795 VT

I'm searching for the parents and date/place of birth for Hiram HOWARD, born 1795 VT?, who married Sally BROWN (1796-1873) at Jamaica, Windham, VT on 4 May 1818. Known children include: (1) Jerome Boneparte (1826-1881) m Mary MOORE; (2) Osmon Orrin (1836-1894) m Mary ENGLEY; (3) Laurette V (1830-1860) m Sylvanus BENSON; (4) Catherine Brown (1832-1924) m Oscar CHASE; (5) Joanna (1828-?) m Henry MESSENGER; (6) Stella Brown (1828-1848). This family moved from VT to Blackstone (originally part of Mendon), MA abt 1840-45. Greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you!!

From: Christine Bowler
Date: 4 Jan 2000
Searching for: Howard & Searle enquiry

Just found your website and think it is relevant to our search. We are interested in information about Joan Searle (formerly Howard) who had two daughters. Joan born circa 1941 and Kathleen born May 1948. Address at that time (1948) given as 3 Brant House, Blackheath Road, Greenwich.

From: Susan Lineaweaver
Date: 3 Jan 2000
Searching for:
Mary Elizabeth Howard (b. 1870) who married Valentine Vallentine (b. 1859)

I am looking for Mary Elizabeth Howard (b. 1870) who married Valentine Vallentine (b. 1859).  Mary Elizabeth, I believe, lived in England and Australia as a child.  After her marriage she and Valentine lived in South Africa and had six children while there.  After three of their children died from influenza in South Africa they moved to the USA, immigrating to New York City, with their three surviving children Sara Naomi "Sally", Estelle, and Phyllis.  Phyllis died shortly after their arrival in the USA.  This information was told to me by Mary Elizabeth before her death in 1968 but unfortunately this is all that is known Any help or information in locating this family would be appreciated. Thank You.

Date: 3 Jan 2000
Searching for: Parents of
Scott Winfield Howard, Born July 22, 1862 in Darien New York

I am looking for parents of my great grandfather. His name is Scott Winfield Howard, Born July 22, 1862 in Darien New York. He died September 7, 1945. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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