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This page list queries received during the period Sep 1997 to Aug 1998

If you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

From: Frank G. ARTHUR
Date: 04 Aug 98
Searching for: Ancestors of George Stephen Edmund HOWARD

Hi fellow Howard researchers, once again I find myself in merry ole UK. Seems like all my digging leads your way. I am looking for info on George Stephen Edmund HOWARD, b. probably about 1700, father of Obadiah b Mar 3,1936/1937 & Nehimiah HOWARD.

Any and all help appreciated

From: Jack Howard Smith
Date: 20 Jul 98
Alternative E-Mail:
Searching for: Ancestors of Jonathon Howard, NY

Your offer to find space for some of my Howards and to specify still-lacking information is appreciated! I am working on the early stages of my genealogy, especially details to extend the list below to include progenitors thereof. The best guesses are that the entries would be found in New England, USA, and thence England.

I have substantial information on all of the generations and individuals who are in this list, should those data be of value to any folks who read this.

Howard, Jonathan ( 1753[?] - 1833 ) Dutchess County, N Y m Walters, Margaret ( ???? - 1830 ) ????
Howard, Jonathan ( 1790 - 1862 ) Greene and Schoharie Counties, N Y m Wilson, Ann ( 1802 - 1879 ) Greene and Schoharie
Howard, Jonathan ( 1829 - 1900 ) Greene Cty. Civil War Vet m Barheit, Catherine ( 1830? - 1902 ) Greene Cty
Howard, Sylvia Lusana ( 1855 - 1937 ) Greene and Orange C's., N Y m McCoon, Ira ( 1848 - 1920 ) Greene Cty., & Conn.
McCoon, Urvilla Elva ( 1884 - 1973 ) Greene and Orange C's., N Y m Smith, John Edward ( 1867 - 1952 ) Orange Cty.
Smith, Jack Howard ( 1921 - ) Orange and Sch'dy C's.: New Mexico m Bogan, Martha Frederick ( 1925 - ) Oklahoma & N Y
Smith, Pamela Louise ( 1951 - ) N Y S, OK, Australia m Horowitz, Frank G ( 1957 - ) CA, N Y, Australia
Horowitz, Ian Bernard ( 1990 - ) Ill, Australia

Thank you very much. With warm good wishes

Jack Howard Smith

From: Nancy & Douglas Gole
Date: 18 July 1998
Searching for: Descendants of Madge Howard from Fareham, Hants.

Nancy Gole writes...."My father Charles Vince born, Fareham Hants, had relatives - a Madge Howard, her parents had a bakery. Madge had a son Dick or Tony  My sister who still lives in England said something about moving to Westerham Kent. I now live in Canada  and I am trying to get a family tree sorted out any help would be appreciated. Madge Howard was the daughter of the Howards that had the bake shop. As far I can work out the Mrs. Howard senior was my fathers mothers sister. My Fathers mother died when he was born and that was about 1900. Madge Howard was married twice and I think the second husband was named Fuller.  Madge had a son named Tony . I realize that this letter may not lead to my relatives but I am just starting on the genealogy and both of my parents are dead and I am unable to find much to start with. 

Thank you

From: Donald Robert Howard
Date: 17 Jul 98
Searching for: Ancestors of Leonard Wesley Howard (Maryland)

Hello, my name is Donald Robert Howard. I live in Massachusetts. My birth date is 8/31/61 born in Bethesda, Maryland. My father was Donald Edward Howard born 5/6/30 in Dickerson Maryland, died 3/12/93 in Massachusetts. My grand-fathers name was Leonard Baker, or Baker Leonard Howard born 2/7/1899 died 2/14/82. My great grand-fathers name was Leonard Wesley Howard who also lived in Maryland he married Laura J Nicholson May 1888.

Can anyone help me trace my family?

Thanks - Don

From: Louella Davis
Date: 01 May 98
Searching for: Ancestors of Thomas and Letty Howard (nee Durham

My lineage is Howard (spelled Hayward sometimes here) my GGGGG grandfather was Thomas Howard, he married a Letty Durham but I have not got further back than that. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who could make a connection.

From: Robin Carpenter
Date: 02 Apr 98
Home Page:
Searching for: Howard, Robbins, Gregory, Hayes, Tyrrell

Hello, my name is Robin and I've been looking for Howards and ran across your page. Mine is a George William Howard b. 1826 somewhere in England. Can't seem to find out exactly where. His parents were George W. Howard and Polly Warfrier/Warfriler (according to his marriage certificate). He immigrated to the US sometime between 1840/1850. Was just wondering if you had come across any Howards that sound like who I'm looking for. Thanks

From: Joyce Pola
Date: 31 Jan 98
Searching for: Ancestors of Thomas Howard - Born Mar 1849, Holborn, Middx.

I am hoping to make contact with members of my Howard family. My father was born 1909 Dulwich, Surrey - son of William Henry born 1880 Camberwell, Surrey - son of Thomas Howard born 1849 Holborn, Middlesex. He married Sarah Ann Kimber born 1852 St. Pancras, Middlesex. My father's parents came to Australia 1913. There is no surviving members of my father's generation. Here are the details I know of:-

THOMAS HOWARD b. Mar. Qtr. 1849, Holborn, Middlesex
married 28.1.1872, St. Pancras Old Church
SARAH ANN KIMBER b. Dec. Qtr. 1852, St. Pancras, Middlesex

Their children:-

1. THOMAS EDWARD mc. 10.11.1872, b. Holborn, Middlesex
2. ANNE FRANCES fc. 12.04.1874, b. Holborn, Middlesex
3. SARAH ALICE 1876, b. Camberwell, Surrey
4. ALICE ( ALYCE ) ELIZABETH 1878, b. Camberwell, Surrey
5. WILLIAM HENRY abt. ---.5. 1880 b. Camberwell, Surrey

WILLIAM HENRY married Mar. Qtr. 1904, Camberwell, Surrey
AMY ELIZA GOZNA b. June. Qtr. 1884, Camberwell, Surrey
(Possible father for Amy---ARTHUR GOZNA)

Now the info. from my cousin:-

THOMAS EDWARD married - unknown

Their children:-

1. THOMAS JAMES d. 1965 married JESSIE ELIZABETH ? d. 31.5 1938
One child :- EILEEN b.1926, lives Hornchurch, Essex (unmarried)
2. ARTHUR (still living age 91) married - LILY ? d.
One child:- JEAN married MARTIN BALL d. Arthur & Jean both live Nottingham.
3. FLORRIE (FLORENCE ?) d. married - ERNEST PUGH, b. Wales, d., no children.
4. WINIFRED d. 15.10.1990 married - TAFFY PUGH, b. Wales, (brother of Ernest), d.
One child:-JOAN b. 1926 - married - DENNIS HASTED, no children
5. GLADYS (in her 80's, deaf & blind) married - RICHARD BANKS b. Wales
One child:-DAVID - married - JULIE ?, 5 daughters
6. EDIE d. 1951 married - JOHN WALLIS d. 1986 (a. 90 )
One Child:- HOWARD - married - LINDA, 3 children

I would dearly love to contact some of the above, if I am able to locate them.

A few other bits ( mostly possibles! ):-

THOMAS possibly died Dec. Qtr. 1893,Camberwell (my father would tell of both his father & grandfather dying at age 45). Possible siblings of THOMAS:- MARY ANN b. Dec. Qtr. 1850, JAMES, AMY ELIZA:- FLORENCE, b. Sep. Qtr. 1885, ARTHUR, DAISY, JOAN. 1881 Census shows THOMAS\SARAH ANN and family at:

Howard Villas, Camberwell, Surrey - Thomas was a jeweller


Hi Joyce,
I have located Eileen Howard for you in Hornchurch Essex!

Address/Tel. No. supplied (withheld)

I rang her and spoke with her and she remembers having distant cousins in Australia and would like to hear from you. I'll leave the next move to you but she has details of her family including her mothers maiden name - sorry I couldn't remember it. I told her you had some photos that you wanted help with and she seemed quite happy to help. Please let me know how you get on.



Hi there Graham,

What a pleasant surprise!! We have just had 1 month in Vic. researching my husband's family, and 1 month in Qld. researching my maternal side. Got home to find your message waiting for us. Many, many thanks for locating Eileen Howard and contacting her for me. I shall be getting some mail off to her within the next couple of days. Here's hoping she will be able to shed a fair amount of light on things for me. We had a very successful trip away. My husband's paternal side were Swiss-Italian and migrated out here in the 1850s,( haven't found all the shipping yet), and they married into an Irish family who migrated out in 1849. His maternal side is Irish and English, and proving a little more difficult. I believe a great great grand-mother may have been in a group of Irish "orphans" brought out from the workhouses during the Great Potato Famine. My maternal side were Germans and English who all migrated out in the 1860s. We arrived home armed with shipping info; wills; rates from where they lived; Title Deeds; certificates( copies given by distant relatives); photographs; etc;etc!! We were even able to do some repairs to graves we located. Felt quite good about that! Now I have bored you with all that, I shall close.

Yes, shall let you know how I get on.


From: Jackie Howard Hughes
Date: 13 Dec 1997
Searching for: Ancestors of Ralph Erskin Howard

I am just beginning my family research. My ggg grandfather was Ralph Erskin Howard b.1798 in Perry Co. Al. I had a visit with my great aunt recently she just had her 105th birthday. She told me that our ancestors originated from Great Britain. I can not find out who my ggg grandmother was, but they had the following children; Mahala, John J, Tilman C. Lois A. Suzanna and my gg grandfather Washington M. My g grandfather was Ralph Erskin also, my grandfather was Walter M. Howard. This family settled in Al. I would appreciate any information on this family. Thanks.

From: Debbie Medei
Date: 15 Oct 1997

By way of a follow up to my earlier E-Mail of 24-Sep-97, here is what I have on my Howard family. It's not much. Norman is my father, Ernest had a bunch of brothers and sisters. If you need their names I will send them. I have birth dates on them from my aunt. I think that they are right. The birth date on Thomas (Martha Nanson) is from the 1881 UK census and his death certificate. On Martha Nanson, the dates are from a picture of the grave stone in England. Thomas Howard and Martha Woolen were named as parents on their son Thomas' death certificate. I could not find Thomas and Martha Woolen on the 1881 census, and I don't know if there are any other children. Sure hope you can help me. I have been going crazy trying to find these people. Thanks so much. Debbie - Massachusetts, USA

First Generation
Thomas Howard b: in England m: Martha Woolen b: in England Father: ??? Mother: ???

Second Generation
Thomas Howard b: 1853 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England d. Jul 29, 1913 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts m: Martha Nanson b: 1858 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England d: Feb 02, 1912 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England Father: ??? Mother: ??? Bur: Feb 02, 1912 Schoolmoor Cemetery, Bradford, Yorkshire, England - Lived at 14 Dean Street, Bradford, England

Third Generation
Ernest Howard* b: Feb 04, 1884 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England d: Sep 06, 1943 in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts m: Edith Ball b: July 04, 1882 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England d: Dec 09, 1938 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts m: November 21, 1903 n Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts Father: Alfred Ball Mother: Elizabeth Knowles

Fourth Generation
Norman Howard b: Feb 22, 1908 in Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts d: Aug 8, 1965 in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts m: Simone Rheaume b: October 8, 1913 in Scott Junction, Dorchester, Quebec, Canada

From: Hardy J. Howard
Date: 24 Sep 1997

I have been researching my family and cannot get past my great grandfather, John Claude Howard, who was born in Ohio on July 24, 1863. I will include an outline of his descendants. It is interesting to see some of the same names in my family.

Descendants of John Claude Howard

First Generation
John Claude Howard b: July 24, 1863 in Columbus ,OH d: April 9, 1908 in San Antonio, TX m1: Emma Hauck b: July 27, 1869 d: January 15, 1954 in San Antonio, Texas May 22, 1886 in San Antonio,TX m3: Pauline Z. Jackson b: Unknown d: Unknown m: January 22, 1893 in Washington D.C.

Second Generation
Hardy Joseph Howard b: November 18, 1886 in San Antonio, Texas d: June 30, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas m: Charle Helena Hart b: December 14, 1890 in San Antonio, Texas d: September 9, 1987 in San Antonio, Texas - October 18, 1909 in 109 E. Commerce St. San Antonio, Texas Evelyn Francis Howard b: June 16, 1896

Third Generation
Helen Hart Howard b: October 10, 1910 in San Antonio, TX m: Raymond Arthur Schuetze b: October 1907 in San Antonio, TX d: December 16, 1986 in San Antonio, TX - January 15, 1930 in San Antonio, TX
Jack Benton Howard b: October 6, 1912 in San Antonio, TX d: July 20, 1962 in San Antonio, TX m: Harta Thresa Wolgamott b: December 17, 1909 in Tacoma, WA d: in San Antonio, TX m: March 6, 1946 in Tacoma, WA
Hardy Edward Howard b: July 12, 1916 in San Antonio, Texas m1: Willie Maxine Woodley m2: Imogene Griffin b: August 13, 1922 in Devine, Medina Co., TX - February 1, 1944 in San Antonio, Texas
Claude George Howard b: November 30, 1920 d: January 13, 1992 in San Antonio, TX m: Viola Mae Cook b: December 19, 1921 in Dymound, TX - December 6, 1941

From: Debbie Medei
Date: 24 Sep 97
Searching for: Ancestors of Thomas and Marths Howard (Yorkshire, England)

I was wondering if you have found any Howards from Bradford, Yorkshire? It seems that mine are from Bradford. They came to the states in the early 1900's to work in the woollen mills. The Howard surname is not an easy one to trace. I have a lot of info on the ones that came here and some info on my great grandparents. I would love to hear from you. Debbie - Massachusetts, USA

From: Raymond Howard
Date: 23 Sep 1997
Searching for: Ancestors of Beal Howard

I have an ancestor, Beal Howard, who came to the United States in the 1600s. He settled in Fairfax County Virginia. I wonder if anyone might have any information on him?

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