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This page lists queries received during the period August 1998 to June 1999.

If you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

From: Sandy
22 June 1999
Searching for: Howards from England and Scotland.

Sandy writes: I am looking for Howard or Hoardt. Asa Howard had three sons and a daughter, Hiram, Timothy, Philander and Almira. They are believed to have come from England and Scotland.


From: Vi Lancelot
25 March 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Jonathon Howard/Samuel Howard from Mistley, Essex, England .

Vi writes: Help! I am looking for the Howard family that lived at Mistley, Essex, England prior to Samuel Howard (1751-1816) and his father, Jonathon (no dates). They were shipbuilders and ship owners. I am trying to establish a link with the Dukes of Norfolk. I’d be glad of any e-mails if anyone knows anything – or any suggestions where I should look next!


From: Noel Howard, Australia
31 January 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of John George Howard, born c. 1819 possibly London area....

Noel writes: We have traced our family back to my Great, Great, Grandfather, John George Howard, who was possibly born in London around 1819. He was tried for larceny on Monday 6th April 1835 in the Central Criminal Court of Middlesex. He was sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia aboard the vessel "Royal Sovereign". The ships records indicate he was a native of London with a trade or calling as a cow boy. He was about 16 years old when the ship set sail from England on the 29th July 1835.

NOW comes the hard part, finding his family that he left back in England! The only clue we have is that his father was named John Howard, who had a job as a groom. I have estimated he could have been born between 1780 to 1799. We would greatly appreciate if you could place this in your lost and found section. Currently, there are some 2,000 direct descendants of John George Howard logged and these details are available if any one requires them.

Noel Howard

From: Lori Downing - Dallas, Texas
7 Oct 1998
Searching for: Help wanted - getting started with my family history search.....

My mother's maiden name is Howard.  I know they came from somewhere in England, but not exactly sure where.  I know they came to the United States in the 1800's by way of Brownsville, Texas and made their way up to Missouri.  I live in Dallas, Texas. Anyway, I have been wanting to get started on genealogy for quite some time.  Any ideas on how to get started?  Any help would be appreciated.

Lori Downing

Webmaster: If anyone is able to help Lori with her family history and lives near Dallas, Texas, please consider getting in touch - thanks.

From: Kit Palatchie - New Zealand
27 Sep 1998
Searching for: Descendants of Elizabeth Howard from Surrey, England.

I am searching for family of Elizabeth Howard from Surrey not sure if born there in 1862 or there about's her parents were Joseph Howard and Eliza Prior.  Elizabeth came to New Zealand in 1883 on the British Queen under the Wakefield Scheme.  I am told that her parents may have married in Victoria or New South Wales in Australia.  He was a policeman involved with the infamous bush ranger Ned Kelly.  Elizabeth married Halvor Olsen in Lyttelton New Zealand in 1886 and had 5 daughters and a son.

Can you help in any way?

Kit Palatchie
Oamaru - New Zealand

From: Kath - New Hampshire
26 Aug 1998
Searching for: Descendants of Henry HOWARD and a Mary Ann HADGKINEON.

I am researching two branches of HOWARDs. The first branch is a Henry HOWARD and a Mary Ann HADGKINEON. I am not sure if the spelling of Mary's last name is correct, as I had to decipher it from their son's birth certificate. They had a child Austin (1852-?) who married an Elizabeth OSPDER (abt 1850-?). Austin and Elizabeth had two children that I know of. I understand through word of mouth from family here, that there was a daughter Sarah, though I do not have documentation of this. Their son Henry Francis HOWARD (1883-1938) was my great grandfather. He came to the USA when he was just a few years old. He was given to the HOWARD family that I have noted in the next paragraph. The story goes that times were hard in England, and they thought that he would have a better life in the US. He ended up marrying and working his way up to a position of foreman in a mill in Greenville NH. The second branch that I am researching is Robert HOWARD (1823-1890) and Lucy BRAND. They had 10 children. I know that 5 came over to Massachusetts. They are Robert (1876-1938), David (1853-1922), Richard (1850-?), Agnes (?-1965), and Florence (1881-1954). The children that stayed in England are: Sara (1867-?), Roberdust (1867-?), Anna (1871-?), Ben (1874-?), and Joseph (?-?). I am researching this line in cooperation with someone in Texas. She is a direct descendant of Robert.

Thanks - Kath. New Hampshire, USA

From: Elsie B. Knight
16 Aug 1998
Searching for: Parents of Alexander Howard b. ca 1707 d. ca 1760 in Granville Co., N.C., USA,

We are the Knight family in Georgia, USA, searching for parents of Alexander Howard B: ca 1707 and D: ca 1760 in Granville Co., N.C., USA, married Joahana Tripplis Nov. 25, 1727 in Spottsyvania Co., Va. They had known issue of:-

  • Peter

  • John

  • Alexander.

From there I have a very good descendency chart which I will gladly share with other family descendent

From: Wilbur Howard
Date: 15 Aug 1998
Searching for: Parents of HOWARD, Reason Andrew b. 1844 in Johnson County, Indiana

Would like to confirm the name of the parents of my great-grandfather:

HOWARD, Reason Andrew born:  April 29, 1844 in Johnson County, Indiana died:  November 30, 1928 in Elk City, Kansas married:  March 21, 1868 Johnson County, Indiana to Sarah Ann Richardson children:

1.    Dave Alvence Howard, b: abt 1872; d: ?
2.    Ollie Howard, b: April 16, 1973; d: August 5, 1940
3.    Janie Howard, b: abt 1875; d: abt 1929
4.    Eva Alice Howard, b: January 28, 1875; d: December 12, 1910
5.    Purnetia Adelia Howard, b: January 16, 1977; d: July 25, 1911
6.    Laura Emmaline Howard, b: December 23, 1878; d: 1943
7.    Joseph Thomas Howard, b: 1880; d: October 26, 1904
8.    William Roy Howard, my grandfather, b: April 18, 1882; d: February 3, 1929
9.    Eliza May Howard, b: May 30, 1885; d: January 27, 1889
10.  Tempie I. Howard, b: January 16, 1888, d: January 9, 1920

I believe his parents to be:

HOWARD, David b: September 15, 1801 in Kentucky d: January 22, 1870
m:  March 11, 1824 in Shelby County, Kentucky to Mary "Polly" Deadman b:  August 26, 1799 thought to be in Shelby County, Kentucky d:  July 14, 1874 in Johnson County, Indiana

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

From: Vicki Casteel
Date: 14 Aug 1998
Searching for: Knowledge of Richard Howard - b. Kentucky c. 1904

I am trying to locate anyone who might have known my grandfather, Richard Howard.  According to my mother's birth record he was born in in Kentucky.  She was born in Jan. of 1940 in Indianapolis.  At that time his age was listed as 36 making his approximate date of birth 1904. His occupation was listed as a security salesman. He and my grandmother split up before my mother was born.  He might not have known she was even born.  We simply would like to find some information on him.  Mostly she would like to know what he looked like.  His parents names might have been James/Julian and Anne Howard. If anyone has any information, please let me know.

Thanks, Vicki.

From: Richard Smith
Date: 14 Aug 1998
Searching for: Ancestors of James HOWARD b. 1786, Baltimore area.

I am searching for the ancestors of James HOWARD, Sr. b. abt. 1753 Onslow Co., North Carolina. Here is what I have on him.

Spouse: (#1) Edna BANNER, d. abt 1800, dau. of John BANNER. Children: 10, all born in Sampson Co., NC.

Spouse: (#2) Honour EVERITT b. c1765/75, m. 30 Oct. 1805. Children: 4, all born in Cumberland Co., NC.

Any help filling in this family and finding ancestors would be appreciated. I have extensive data on the descendants of his sons Edmond and Isaiah to share if a connection can be made.

Thanks for any help.

From: Barbra Chambers
Date: 14 Aug 1998
Searching for: Information about JOHN BAKER HOWARD b. 1786, Baltimore area.

I am looking for the parents and siblings of JOHN BAKER HOWARD, born in the Baltimore area ca. 1786.  One report says Harford Co, but don't know if that is correct.  He was married to Mary Semones in Bedford Co, VA, 1807.  BAZIL BAKER  was bondsman for the marriage.  Because of this, and because of John's middle name, I have thought his mother may have been a Baker.  But there is also a HOWARD family in MD with a John who had a son name Baker. John Baker also entered the War of 1812 from VA.  Several of his children were born in VA, and others in Putnam Co, IN.  On a subsequent move to MO, Mary died enroute, in IL, in 1839.  John Baker remarried in 1841, in Grundy Co, MO to Rebecca Williams.  They settled in Mercer Co, MO, where 6 children were born.  John Baker is buried there. Would appreciate any clues anyone can provide.  I am especially interested in finding out who his parents were.  I have info on his descendents which I will share.

Thanks for any help.

From: Chris Jackson
Date: 5 Aug 1998
Searching for: information about Thomas Howard b.1740 in NC

I am searching for information on one Thomas Howard b.1740 in NC - he married Jane Allen who died 1782 in NC.

Regards, Chris

From: Mama Re Howard
Date: 5 Aug 1998
Searching for: information about Peter Howard, SC

I am looking for any information about Peter Howard b. 1812 in SC. He married Clarissa Grogan b. 1812 in Spartanburg County, SC. They moved their family to Lumpkin County, GA in the mid 1840's and then on to Dawson County, GA. Perter and Clarissa are GG grandparents of my husband. Their son, Richard Wilson Howard married Sarah Elizabeth Hardin and they moved to Bowie County, TX about 1900.

From: Dianne Haywood
Date: 5 Aug 1998
Searching for: Decendants of Esther Ann Howard from Manchester, England (?)..

I'm looking for anyone who may have come across the name Esther Ann Howard b. c. 1874 (maybe in the Manchester area).  She had a brother William and sister Annie. William married Miss Hamilton Davidson (Hammy) and Annie married Albert Jackman. I don't know if there were any other siblings, or her parents names as yet. Esther married Charles Chadwick, they left Salford England, in 1921 (with their three children) for Western Australia. Would appreciate any information.  Thanks.

From: Cadia Los
Date: 04 Aug 98
Home Page:
Searching for: Ancestors of MICHAEL HOWARD b. Ireland (?) c. 1820

Cadia writes, "Thanks to the Howard Family Electronic newsletter for posting information about your site. Family lore says we are descended from the Dukes of Norfolk, but I'm having trouble making any connections. Some penciled notes in my mother's papers suggest that my great-great grandfather was Michael Howard, who appears on the 1865 Suffolk County, LI, NY, census with wife Mary Howard (maiden name unknown) and 5 children...but born in Ireland. Until I saw these notes, Ireland was never mentioned, only England. Both my great-grandfather Capt. David Andrew Howard and my grandfather John Michael Howard were fishermen and native Long Islanders. The family home was in The Springs and later in nearby East Hampton, LI. The 1900 census gives David Andrew's birth year as 1863 but I have documentation that it was 1862. His parents' and siblings' birth years are derived from ages listed on the 1865 census. This is what I have so far, ending with my mother, Amy Los (nee Howard):


MICHAEL HOWARD b. 1820 (?) d (?) m. Mary (?) b 1830 (?) d (?) and had issue

John D. Howard b. 1857 (?) d. (?)
James M. Howard b. 1859 (?) d. (?)
Ellen Howard b. 1860 (?) d. (?)
David Andrew Howard b. 1862 d. 1931 (See below)
Michael Howard b. 1864 (?) d. (?)


DAVID ANDREW HOWARD b. 4 December 1862 d. 1 January 1931 m. 3 May 1880 to Emma Silenia King b. 12 March 1865 d. 8 April 1918 and had issue

Gilbert A. Howard b 2 September 1881 d 29 August 1953
m. (1) (?) to Elsie (?)
m. (2) (?) to Clara Collins
Katherine Howard b 25 October 1886 d. 4 August 1967
m. 26 December 1911 to Alexander Prince b. 25 May 1886 d. 25 May 1938
John Michael Howard b 23 September 1888 d 26 May 1973 (See below)
Nellie B. Howard b 10 January 1891 d 26 August 1907


JOHN MICHAEL HOWARD b 23 September 1888 d 26 May 1973
m. (1) 26 November 1912 (?) to Dorothea Stella Finch b 11 April 1884 d 25 February 1917
m. (2) May 1966 to Louise Maude Gregory b. (?) d. (?)
John David Howard b 19 February 1914 d 25 March 1969 m (?) to Pearl Gautiloff
Amy Katherine Finch Howard b. 27 January 1916 d. 7 December 1997 (see below)
Alexander Jonabob Howard b 14 February 1917 d 13 February 1969 m. (?) to Phyllis (?)


AMY KATHERINE FINCH HOWARD b. 27 January 1916 d. 7 December 1997 m. 7 August 1938 to Alexander Los, Jr. b. 25 December 1910 d. 5 December 1974

If anyone has further information about this family, especially Michael and Mary and their children, I would be grateful to have it.

Thanks! - Cadia Los

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