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This page list queries received during the period 4-18 Jul 1999.

If you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

From: Brian Howard
Date: 18 July 1999
Searching for: Information on a Neville Howard from Bouchville,NY

I am looking for a Neville Howard who married Violet Flansburg. They lived in Bouchville,NY . But their parents were both from somewhere in England. I know it's not much but if there is any info out there on them and their heritage I would really appreciate it. Thank-you.

From: Tim Buck
Date: 18 July 1999
Searching for: Information on a Ida LeNora Howard b. Cullman, AL c.1888

I'm looking for info on Ida LeNora Howard born1888 in Cullman, AL. She married Oscar Love. Her father was James William Howard who marrid Athea Swafford. I do not have any more information - can anyone help?

Date: 18 July 1999
Searching for: Information on a James Searcy Howard b. Butler Co., KY c.1819

Does anyone have information on James Searcy Howard (b 1819 Butler Co., KY)?  He first married Margaret Wand James in Butler Co., KY and may have married a second time 1867 or so to Priscilla (Percilla) Covington in Marshall Co., KY. He must have died some time, but we are surely having a time finding when and where. 

From: :Janet Shawver
Date: 17 July 1999
Searching for: Information on a Charles Howard b. Pennsylvania c.1825

I just found your website and I am looking for Charles Howard and his wife Sarah, both were born in Pennsylvania about 1825.  They are listed in the 1850 census for Tyler Virginia with a son, Harvey, age 2.  Harvey was my Gr Gr Grandfather, he had 1 child, a son named Clarence. Clarence was born in Indiana in 1870. My Gr Grandfather Clarence Howard gave me an antique pitcher that was handed down to him from his Gr Grandmother, who would have been the mother to Charles or Sarah.  I want very much to find the name of this grandmother.

From: Howard Hanchey
Date: 17 July 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Benjamin Howard from Indiana

My father's family was from England, although I don't know where.  His father, Benjamin, was from Indiana and later moved to Ohio. His mother,was Permelia Barnes, my grandmother.  Benjamin was born in 1825 and died in 1904.  Permelia was born in 1836 and died in 1906.  Any help will be appreciated.

From: Ed Sears
Date: 17 July 1999
Searching for: Information on Amy Howard b. Brooklyn c.1863

I'm searching for information on Amy Howard who was born in Brooklyn in about 1863.  She was a long distance runner who was the champion female six-day pedestrian of  the time.  She won a major six-day race at Madison Square Garden on Dec 15-21, 1879 when she was only 17 years old.  In 1880 she traveled to San Francisco and won several races there.  She returned to Brooklyn in 1881.  Amy was never defeated at running and died in child birth in 1885.  If anyone has any additional information on her please contact me.

Ed Sears

From: Leonard R Howard
Date: 17 July 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Edward Howard, b c.1628, son of Sir Francis Howard (Baron of Effingham)

Looking for Howards who might be descendants of Edward Howard, b c.1628, son of Sir Francis Howard (Baron of Effingham) b. c. 1584 d. 1651, and Jane Monson, b. c. 1590.  They lived in the area of Lingham and Great Bookham[?Kent or E. Sussex?]  Edward left England about 1641, possibly under an assumed name, as I can find no marriage or death records for him in England, and he sort of pops up practicing law in Boston in 1642 with no birth records in the colonies.  I have solid data from his marriage to Hannah Hawkins in Boston in 1661. The family stayed in Boston, then Little Compton R.I., then Matthew Howard was born in Bristol, Mass, in 1740 and moved to upper New York state around Albany. During the revolution he fought under Gen Burgoyne and was captured at the battle of Bennington VT.  He and his three oldest sons make up four of the seven Howard UEL in Ontario.  I would be interested in corresponding with anyone related to the line of Sir Francis Howard. His oldest son was Sir Charles Howard, b. 1615 d. 1672, m. Frances Courthope, b. 1614 d. 1681.  Their oldest son, Francis Howard, Lord Effingham,  was commissioned Lieutenant and Governor-General of Virginia on Sept 28, 1683.  I have a tree back to Robert Howard b.1388 and would hope to hear from anyone tied into this line.

Happy hunting to you all

From: Joy
Date: 15 July 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Edward Howard, New York c. 1780

I am searching for information on the my Howard family who first came to the US into New York, I believe their name was possibly spelled Hayward (?) but can't confirm, here's what I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated, having a Howard reunion for my Mom and her siblings next month and trying to find more info for then.

Thanks, Joy

Descendants of Edward Howard

Generation No. 1

1.  EDWARD2 HOWARD  (JOHN1 HAYWARD)?? can't confirm this

Child of EDWARD HOWARD is:
2. i. WILLIAM3 HOWARD, b. 1797, New York.

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM3 HOWARD (EDWARD2, JOHN1 HAYWARD) was born 1797 in New York.  He married LERNISTE UNKNOWN.  She was born 1818 in New York.

i. CLARK4 HOWARD, b. 1836, Washington County, New York.
ii. MARY HOWARD, b. 1838, Washington County, New York.
iii. SARAH HOWARD, b. 1840, Washington County, New York.
iv. WILLIAM H HOWARD, b. 1843, Washington County, New York.
v. CHARLES EDWARD HOWARD, b. October 20, 1845, Washington County, New York; d. August 15, 1917, Auburn, Nebraska.
vi. CHARLOTTE HOWARD, b. 1847, Washington County, New York; m. ?? BIGGS.

Generation No. 3

3.  CHARLES EDWARD4 HOWARD (WILLIAM3, EDWARD2, JOHN1 HAYWARD) was born October 20, 1845 in Washington County, New York, and died August 15, 1917 in Auburn, Nebraska.  He married (1) WIFE 1 UNKNOWN.    He married (2) WIFE 2 UNKNOWN.    He married (3) IDA MAY PRESLEY September 15, 1888 in Detroit, Michigan, daughter of SAMUEL PRESLEY and SARAH COLE.  She was born May 15, 1867 in Yankee Springs, Michigan, and died January 05, 1934 in Omaha, Nebraska.

More About CHARLES EDWARD HOWARD: Occupation: Grocer, Farmer
More About IDA MAY PRESLEY: Burial: January 07, 1934, Forest Lawn Cemetery Omaha, Neb


i. WALTER EDWIN5 HOWARD, SR., b. September 05, 1868; d. 1940, Athens, Michigan.
ii. DONALD ALVIN HOWARD, b. October 24, 1870.
iii. CHARLES HARRISON HOWARD, b. March 12, 1872.
iv. ETTIE ELIZABETH HOWARD, b. July 26, 1873.


v. IDA MAY5 HOWARD, b. August 19, 1889; d. Abt. 1889.
vi. MELVIN HENNERY HOWARD, b. October 21, 1891, Valprasio, Indiana.
vii. RICHARD J HOWARD, b. May 11, 1893.
viii. CLARA B HOWARD, b. May 01, 1895.
ix. BEATRICE HOWARD, b. December 12, 1897.
x. JOSEPH D HOWARD, b. May 12, 1901.
xi. MINNIE IDA HOWARD, b. October 29, 1903; d. 1992, Schaumburg, Illinois.
xii. CHARLES HOWARD, b. 1904; d. 1929.
xiii. EMMA HOWARD, b. April 26, 1905.

From: Sandra
Date: 15 July 1999
Searching for: Family of John HOWARD born, New York, 1810

Boy are my Howard's lost! Henry Clay Howard b. abt 1847 ILL parents from KY. I found Henry as an adult in the 1880 Barry Co, MO census. He left MO with his wife and children and went to I believe Harrison Co, AR. Then shortly before1900 he settled in Cherokee Co, OK. May have a sister named Elizabeth (Betty) that married a Stanton and resided in MO also mention of a brother named George? Not able to track the parents in ILL or anywhere else. I know they originated from England. I feel the name Henry Clay must be a clue. Any help appreciated. It has been a 25 yr. search.

From: Karen Howard
Date: 15 July 1999
Searching for: Parents of Hiram Howard b. 1795/96 VT.

I am searching for the parents of Hiram HOWARD, b 1795/6 VT, d bef 1873, m 4 May 1818 at Jamaica VT Sally (Sarah) BROWN, b 1797 VT, d 1873 Dudley, Worcester, MA, dau of James & Catherine (BERRY). Hiram & Sally left VT 1840-45 and removed to Blackstone, Worcester, MA. Known children include:

(1) twin daughters b & d 6-1818 Jamaica VT;
(2) Jerome b 1820 VT, d 1821 Jamaica VT;
(3) Jerome Boneparte b 1826 VT, d 1881 E Providence RI, m Mary MOORE;
(4) Joanna b 1826 VT, m Henry Lewis MESSENGER;
(5) Stella Brown b 1828 VT, d 1846 Blackstone MA;
(6) Laurette V b 1830 VT, d 1860 Blackstone MA, m Sylvanus BENSON;
(7) Catherine b 1832 VT; 
(8) Osmon Orrin b abt 8-1836 VT, d 1894 E Providence RI, m Mary Jane ENGLEY.

Children of (3) Jerome include: Frank; Alice Laurette; Irving Jerome; Fred Marshall; Leland Ralph; Nora May & Nettie. Children of (8) Osmon include: Waldo Everett; Stella Brown; Blanche C; Sarah Ellis; Oscar Francis; Emma H & one unknown son. Greatly appreciate any assistance with this elusive family.

Karen Howard

From: Sharon Atkins
Date: 14 July 1999
Searching for: Family of John HOWARD born, New York, 1810

Hello, I found your site and I hope someone might have some information on my HOWARD line. My great-great grandfather was John HOWARD who was born in New York in 1810 (according to all census listings). By 1860 he is in Johnson County, Illinois and in 1872 a will was filed in Johnson Co. which states that he leaves all of his goods to his wife "EXCEPT for Nancy Adaline (HOWARD) KIRBY and also July Ann (Julia Ann) HOWARD my heirs of my first wife I give and demise them five dollars a piece...." ( girls he goes on to leave the the remainder to his wife Milbrie. So....I need to know who the first wife was since Julia Ann HOWARD is my great grandmother. Julia Ann HOWARD was born in 1848 in TN and her sister Nancy Adaline HOWARD was born ca 1847 in TN. Julia Ann HOWARD married Isaac DAVIS on 7 July 1871 in Johnson Co. IL Nancy Adaline HOWARD married John A. KIRBY 26 Feb 1867 in Union Co. IL Does anyone have any additional info on the wife of John HOWARD b. 1810 New York or who his parents were?

Thanks so much for any and all help.

From: Unsigned
Date: 14 July 1999
Searching for: Decendants of Nelson & Harriet (Pratt) Howard

I am a Howard. I have been trying to trace my gggrandparents Nelson & Harriet (Pratt) Howard.  They were both born in NY - Nelson lin l806 - Onandaga Cty I believe. Do not have a definite date.  Harriet was also born in NY , same cty, in l808 on 29 Aug. Her date of death is 26 Mar l892 in Waukesha Cty, WI. They had 2 daughters and several sons.  Eustis ( not sure of the name) b l830 in NY, Albert, , b l834 in NY, Silas b 14 Jan l835 in NY, (wife Mary Jane) , Silas died 24 Feb l899 in Waukesha Cty, WI, Spencer b l839 in NY and James born in NY in l845. They were all in WI in the l850 census where I gleaned this information.  James is my gg grandfather and he eventually lived in Michigan and was a farmer. He settled in Grand Traverse County Michigan and married Emma Burrows on 31 Jan l878 in Sherman, Wexford Cty, MI.  they had two sons, Frederick G. ( my grandfather) and Horace.  If anyone out there has ever heard of any of this family, I would certainly appreciate hearing from them.


From: Ed Fitzgerald Fairfax, VA
Date: 14 July 1999
Searching for: Family of Mordecai Howard of Moweaqua, IL

I am looking for Mordecai Howard of Moweaqua, IL. He died 1864. His oldest son Andrew E. Howard moved to Arkansas. He had a half brother named Louis M. Howard who lived in Cook, Co. IL and died c. 1913.  They may have moved from Warren Co. , KY to IL.   

Thanks, Ed

From: Rich Howard, Oxford, NY, USA
Date: 13 July 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Thomas Howard b. c. 1773

I am Looking for ancestors and descendants of Thomas Howard b. c. 1773 and d. 10 APR 1835 and wife Mehitable Betts b. c. 1767 and d. NOV 1860. Both are buried in the Allerton Cemetery near Cairo, NY.  Known children are Orson Howard b. 29 MAR 1806 and d. 13 MAY 1892 and Moses Howard b. 5 JAN 1810 and d. 21 MAR 1888.  The Federal Census of 1880 lists Connecticut as the birthplaces of Thomas and Mehitable. Orson and Moses were both born and both died in Greene County, NY.  Any information on children and parents of Thomas and Mehitable would be greatly appreciated.

With many thanks,
Rich Howard

From: Scott Howard, Rupert, Idaho
Date: 12 July 1999
Searching for: Ancestors of Irenus Vitalis Howard

I'm looking for my Grandfather Irenus Vitalis Howard (boy I'm glad I wasn't named after him). He was born in Bowling Green Kentucky in 1853. We don't have anything on his father or other ancestors. He move to Friend, Nebraska and later to Boise, Idaho. He married Ester Moore. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Howard

From: June Phillips
Date: 11 July 1999
Searching for: Edward Howard - patriot in the Revolutionary War

June writes: I am the 4th great-granddaughter of Edward Howard, Jr., born 12/23/1724 in Dartmouth, MA. Does anyone have information about him re: being a patriot in the Revolutionary War? He was married to Phoebe Hart, born 05/03/1735 in Little Compton, RI.

June Phillips

From: W. Coast
Date: 11 July 1999 Updated 25 Aug 1999
Searching for: Children of James Edgar and Magdalena Howard

I can't help with any on your list of lost and found, but can you help me? I'm looking for cousins of this generation.

My Grandfather was James R. Howard b. 2/13/1863 d. 10/15/1915 who married Margaret E. Jefferson b. 3/28/1864 d. 4/14/1913. James R. and Margaret E. had several children, one of which was James Edgar Howard b. 11/28/1891 d. d. 4/22/1954 who married Magdalena Kloppal (in Germany) b. 03/13/1903, d. Sept.1965.

I am looking for three (3) children of James Edgar and Magdalena:

From: Milinda Hamilton, Australia
Date: 4 July 1999
Searching for: Howard Links.

My name is Milinda Hamilton - Australia.  Just visited your site and wondering if there may be a link to my own family.  I have a Francis John Howard c 1923 who married Milliinda Lillian Willis c. 1925.  Their children are Lenard John Howard, Terry Mervyn Howard and Geoffrey Donald Howard.  I had a bit of a look through and couldn't find anything, but please let me know should you find him.


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