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 This page list queries received during the period 1-20 Aug 1999.

If you have a new query or think you can help either E-Mail me or contact the person leaving the query using the e-mail address provided.

Date: 20 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on James Melvin Howard from Long Beach CA


Date: 20 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on on Sir Robert Buell

I am looking to confirm a connection with Sir Robert Buell (Beville or Bewelle) born in 1572 in Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England and died in Windsor, Hartford, CT  (USA) 1639.  Parents were Robert Buell (born in 1550) also of Huntingdonshire and Jean (Johanna) (Jane) Lawrence (Laurence) born in St Ives. in 1574.  The information I have, including that from the FamilySearch (Latter Day Saints) is confusing.  Why would the father of William Buell who came to America in 1631 end up dying in Connecticut if he were titled (Sir)?  I believe there may be an error in this.  Do you know anything about Sir Robert Buell?

Reply: Sorry I can not help - what is the connection with the Howards or was this a general query?

From:  Dan Gray
Date: 19 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on on Margaret Howard, of Maine (probably Hancock Co.)

Seeking information on Margaret Howard, of Maine (probably Hancock Co.), married Christopher Mitchell Gray 19 Dec 1787.  Seeking info on their children, if any. 

From:  Linda Malicoate
Date: 19 Aug 1999
E-Mail: Linda
Searching for: Information on Louis Henderson and Grace Howard Henderson

Hello my name is Linda Henderson Malicoate, I am trying to trace my fathers family. My grandparents names were Louis Henderson and Grace Howard Henderson from Olive Hill Kentucky USA. I was wondering if we were related and if not if you could give me any information on how I could find my fathers family. Time is of the upmost importance. Thank-you in advance for your time.

Reply: I regret I cannot help but maybe someone out there will make a connection or offer some help. I am English and have no American cousins.


From:  Robert Sims
Date: 18 Aug 1999
E-Mail: Robert E. Sims
Searching for: Information on Julius HOWARD of Granville County North Carolina

I am searching for the descendants of Julius HOWARD of Granville County North Carolina in the early 1700's and later lived in Georgia (Lincoln county ??.) His daughter Anna Jane HOWARD married Martin SIMS mostly of Franklin county Georgia, son of Nathan SIMS probated in Abbeville South Carolina ca 1805. (Nathan was born from Edward Sims Jr. and Agnes Bullock of Louisa Cunty Virginia.) One of Martin SIMS' sons Richard SIMS b. +ACE-899, married Mary JACKSON according to a published source quoting the Martin Sims family Bible through correspondence. Richard later married in Greene County Alabama to an ANDERSON in 1824. It is the Jackson family connection I am trying to solidify, seeking to determine if Mary JACKSON indeed married Richard and had a son named Henry Jackson SIMS, my most senior documented ancestor born in November 1819 and died in Sumter County Aalbama in 1898. Possible clues: the family history is one of property ownership with many slaves until about the time of Henry Jackson Sims who probably worked on the earliest railroads in the US . They may have become anti-slavery, were Methodists at the time and may have become Methodist Episcopal in the split on slavery in that church. Martin SIMS was a revolutionary war veteran and won a land lottery in Georgia in 1820 having already moved to Georgia on a land grant for vets. Anna Jane Howard SIMS was reported to have won a lottery as a veteran's widow in Georgia. Anna made a settement (of her life interest) with the estate of Martin Sims in 1826-1827 and lived until at least 1836 because of the records in Franklin County court. Anyone heard of Julius HOWARD or his researched family?

Children of Martin SIMS and Anna Jane (HOWARD) SIMS: (according to one source)

From:  Evylene Anderson Canup
Date: 18 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on John Howard died  1774 Bute County, NC. 

Hi, Hopefully someone can help me with my JOHN HOWARD, who died  1774 Bute County, NC. I'm searching for his parents.   I am descended from his daughter Anna Jane Howard who married Martin Sims Jan 20, 1782. Anna died Nov 11, 1839 in Franklin County, GA..  Martin Sims was a Rev Soldier. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

From:  Cassie Hill
Date: 15 Aug 1999
Searching for: Descendants of MARGARET HOWARD, born in 1793 in KY,

Hi, Does anyone have any information on the Howard family of MARGARET HOWARD, born in 1793 in KY, died in 1877 in CA. She married THOMAS ELY . She was the daughter of JAMES HOWARD who fought in the Revolution. Thanks.

From:  Barbara Hermann
Date: 15 Aug 1999
E-Mail: Barbara Hermann
Searching for: Descendants of Cornelius Howard, Sr. from England aboard Ark & Dove

Here are the Howards I'm looking for:

My great grandfather was: Joseph Patrick (4/2/1888 - 1/19/1968) 

1. Ann Stella Mattingly (m.10/9/1906)
2. Julia Ann Clark (m.9/19/1922) (b.10/2/1883 - d.4/30/1963)

his father was: George Patrick Howard (3/17/1843 - 9/23/1906) m. Tabitha Ann Stella Van Russelburg
his father was: Basil Patrick Howard (2/2/1801-1/10/1883),  (m.9/2/1828) Monika Miles (5/20/1803-5/21/1864)
his father was: Charles Howard (1775-1845),  (m.4/21/1800) Panny Thompson (1774-1850)
his father was: James Howard (4/14/1752-12/8/1802) m. Mary Margaret Wilsn bef 1775 in MD.  Moved to Nelson Co.,KY in 1782.
his father was: Charles Howard (dates unknown)
his father was: Cornelius Howard, Jr.(dates unknown)
his father was: Cornelius Howard, Sr. (dates unknown),  supposedly arrived in MD in 1633/1634 from England aboard Ark & Dove.

If anyone has any additional information concerning these Howards and their families please e-mail me. Thank you very much in advance.

From:  Len Howard
Date: 15 Aug 1999
Searching for: Descendants of Edward Howard b. c. 1628, confirmed Reigate, Surrey

Looking for English descendants of Edward Howard b. c. 1628,confirmed Reigate, Surrey, son of Sir Francis Howard and Jane Monson.  Sir Francis was the son of Sir William Howard and Frances Gouldwell.  Eastwick, Great Bookham Surrey.  Edward went to the colonies with William, Henry, Lodowick and Margaret.  I have Edward from 1661 on when he married Hannah Hawkins in Boston.  I need English relatives of Sir Charles Howard, oldest son of Sir Francis who stayed in England.  Would love to make contact with anyone in this line in England.  We have a bunch of American relatives who would like to meet you.

From:  Violet King. Essex U.K.
Date: 15 Aug 1999
E-Mail: viandphil
Searching for: Information on Samuel Howard of Mistley, Essex U.K

Hi, I have been searching for years for Howards prior to  Samuel Howard of Mistley, Essex U.K.  He was born in 1751. I believe his parents were Jonanthan and Mary, but I have no dates or information. Can anyone help?

From:  Danny L. Foster
Date: 14 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on Jennett Howard mothers name - Nancy

Looking for information on Jennett Howard Mother Nancy Unkown married to a Howard in Bedford Co. Area or maybe Campbell Co.  Nancy married Silas Wood 1816 Campbell Co. VA.  Daughter of first Marriage Jennett married John Wood 1835 Bedford Co. VA. Nancy b. abt 1791 Jannett b. abt. 1810. Have no idea who the Howard is or where he came from.

From:  Phil Young
Date: 13 Aug 1999
E-Mail: Phil R. Young
Searching for: Information on Renne Julian Howard.

I as searching for a Renne Julian Howard.  I don't know his birth date or his parents all I know is that he married Ruth Young on Mar 15, 1849 in Polk County Iowa  and later traveled to Oregan and then to CA. Their children are :-

From:  Barbara Spear
Date: 12 Aug 1999
E-Mail:Barbara Spear
Searching for: Information on Thomas Howard born c. 1700 possibly CT

Hi! Im trying to find information on Thomas Howard, born around 1700s married to Sarah Standish.  Possibly out of CT.  Thankyou,

From:  Dollie Smith Willis
Date: 6 Aug 1999
Searching for: Decendants of Abraham Howard and Mary Moore/Darr (?) from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,USA

My name is Dollie Smith Willis  Just recently discovered lineage of the Howards in our family.  My mother's aunt Lura Mae Johnston married Walter Colquett Howard.  We are desperately trying to piece our families together.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My mother doesn't remember much about the family, she lost her dad Frank Henry Johnston, at the age of 7, and they left that place and moved to Paris, Tx. where she lived until she met and married my Dad at age l6. Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

From:   Sharon Burnes
Date: 6 Aug 1999
Searching for: Decendants of Abraham Howard and Mary Moore/Darr (?) from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,USA

My GGGrandfather was Abraham Howard born 8 March 1811 and died 10 March 1886. He died in Jackson County, Illinois, USA. I have been able to trace him back to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,USA in 1850. He was married twice - both wives having the given name of Mary.  Surnames are thought to be Moore and Darr, but these have not been proven. Census records show his fathering 6 children by first Mary who died in 1845

He then apparently married the second Mary and fathered these children:

All children with the exception of Katherine were born in PA. Katherine was my great grandmother.  I am trying to locate any desendents of the children born of the first marriage who may be able to help me confirm the names of Abraham's wives as well as that of his parents. Hoping someone may have a connection.

From:  Patti Higgins
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on James J. Howard born c. 1829 in Tennessee

I am searching for information on James J. Howard, born c. 1829 in Tennessee.  James married Susan/Susannah Scott, born c. 1829 in Tennessee.  They were located in Missouri (probably Wayne Co.) by 1849, when they had twin girls, Barbara and Elizabeth. Angeline was born c. 1855, Sarah J. c. 1856, Bruce Calvin, c. 1858, Alexander Elijah born 11 April 1861, John W. c. 1862.  Some time after that the family relocated to Bond County, IL, where James Wiley was born c. 1865, and Nicholas Andrew was born 10 April 1872.  James J. Howard died 28 Feb., 1880 "at his residence on Shoal Creek, western part of Bond County, IL.  I have no further information on James J. Howard or Susan/Susanah Scott Howard.  I would appreciate any help that could be given.

From:   Ken W. Saylore
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for: Decendants/Ancesters of Virgie Howard.

Maybe you can help maybe you can't - I hope you can. I have a GG grandmother Virgie, my Dad say's she is a Howard. She married first Frank Saylor 1910/ 1912 and then Luther Gothard around 1915. Is she in your line? Can you give me any specific info on her or either of her husbands? They lived in Kentucky, maybe Michigan Missouri, also Virginia. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken

From:   Graham Howard
Date: 7 Aug 1999

I regret to say that all my Howards are based here in the UK and I have yet to establish any American cousins. I have posted your query on the basis that someone else may see it and and make a connection. Good luck - Graham.

From:   Rose Lane
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for: Decendants/Ancesters of William Giles Howard and Amanda Griffin

I traveled to Salisbury, NC where I found my Howard family.  The original immigrant Mathew Howard had come in at Phil, Pa and then settled in what is now Howard Co. Md., my branch moved on to Rowan Co., NC which is now Davie Co., in Mocksville and Salisbury, NC.   William Giles Howard married Amanda Griffin and he had a brother Henry Harrison Howard who was killed at Elmira, NY.  His mother was Matilda Call and his father Robert Howard.   Hope to find out more about this family from this entry.  I hope I locate someone else who is interested in this line of Howards.

From: Lou Sturgeon
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for:
Decendants/Ancesters of Fredrick Howard b abt 1849 in Michigan (?)

I am searching for my line of Howard's.  My GG Grandfather was Fredrick Howard b. abt 1849 in Michigan (?).  He married Catherine Alexander and they had the following children:-

Would like to find more information on this family. I would appreciate all the help that I can get.  Please e-mail me at Thank You.

From: Tory
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for: Relatives of Hazel Grace Howard from Prestonsburg, KT

My grandfather was William Howard born in Portland, IL.  He married twice. First to Mary Alice Shepherd, his second, my grandmother was a cousin to the first. My grandmother's name was Hazel Shepherd, also of IL.  Williams parents were Frank Howard & Catherine Benjamin. Hazel's parents were William Shepherd and Zelpha Montague. William and Zelpha came over from England (possibly Liverpool).  Catherine Benjamin was married twice prior to Frank. Her first husband was a Dr. Whittier, her second Charles Moore.  I don't know if Frank and Catherine have any siblings.  I would like to find something out prior to them coming to America, or any new information that I don't have.  If you can help I would greatly appreciate it. Tory

From: Anon
Date: 4 Aug 1999
Searching for: Relatives of Hazel Grace Howard from Prestonsburg, KT

I am looking for relatives of my deceased mother, born in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. She was born Aug. 14, 1921 to the parents of Patrick Howard (from Kentucky) and his wife Adeline Mitchell Howard from Lowell, Ma. My mothers name was Hazel Grace Howard. I would like to know if anyone knew of them in Kentucky. Please contact me , if so. Thanks

From: Janice Maynard
Date: 3 Aug 1999
Searching for: Zadock HOWARD and Tabitha FIFIELD, VT and NH

Searching for

Zadock Howard, son of Zadock and Deborah [CLAPP] HOWARD b. 1804 in Lyme, NH, m. 1st Tabitha FIFIELD, 2nd Rhoda BISHOP.  When did the m. of Zadock and Tabitha take place and who were the children of this marriage? Zadock's father, Zadock, was b. 1771 in Thetford, VT. This Zadock was the son of Edward and Abigail [STILES] HOWARD.  Edward was born in Hebron, CT, son of Edward and Eleanor [TARBOX] HOWARD. I would appreciate any help with this family.  Thanks.

From: Paul Howard
Date: 3 Aug 1999
Searching for: Howards of Liverpool, England

Stumbled onto your page while "surfing" and am intrigued by the similarities in many of the stories. My own lineage stems from Liverpool, England where my father Kenneth Howard was born in September 1940. He had an older sister Doreen who has recently passed away and a younger brother Roy, who is still living in England Chatham, Kent. My father married an Irish lass, Marion Meharg, my mum. They emigrated to Australia in 1964, in time to have me. I was born in Adelaide, March 1965. I have two younger brothers. We are now starting our own families. Dad did not get on with his father "Old Joe" who worked on the wharves there. Hence, we have had little information on him or his side of the family. If anyone has a good idea on the best way to research this stuff in the UK please let me know. Thanks in anticipation.

From: Cherry Gentry
Date: 1 Aug 1999
Searching for: Information on Stanley Skinner from Waco, TX, alias Richard Howard or Howard Richard b. c. 1927 or 1923 (?)

I am looking for a man whose name was originally Stanley Skinner from Waco, TX, but he was adopted at the age of two. He is my Great Uncle's brother. The only thing our family can remember is that his name was changed to Richard Howard or Howard Richard and he was born either in 1927 or 1923. They cannot remember if he is two years older or two years younger than my uncle. Have you come across any adoptions around this time and place? My Uncle would really like to see his brother before time runs out. Thank you for your efforts. I know it has taken a lot to put these pages together. I am also working on my geneologies currently going in about six different directions. Thanks again.

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